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Hit Reports are a great way to view the traffic on your websites.

We provide 2 reports: General (all of your sites) and Property-specific (report about one specific property website)

Viewing the Hits Report for All Sites:

  • Click the Resources tab on the left
  • Hits Report

Viewing a Property Specific Hits Report:

  • Click on the Property tab on the left
  • Properties
  • Reports icon (middle icon) for that property
  • Website Hits Report

Hits Report Verbiage:

cmasqz: The ‘Home Value’ page on your personal website
flipshow: Any of your flipshows under Personal>>Flip Shows
prop: Property websites
seo_prop: The SEO page we create for property websites (Under Tools>>HTML Website Links & Sharing)
tour: Virtual Tours for your property websites
purl: Personal Websites
sms: Property text codes
squeeze: Squeeze pages

Referring Site Summary:

The method for how your website was visited. 
Example: Facebook

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