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Basic vs. Advanced – What’s the Difference?

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IDX Setup is where you can set up the property search function for your website so that when people are on your website, they can search for properties.  This is yet another way for lead generation in our system since there is a registration pop-up for the search page….more about that later.  

Once you create a search, you can add it as a page on your personal website.  You also have the option to add a search box to your home page, making it more convenient for people to search right when they land on your site.  

Now for the lead generating aspect of the property search function – the registration pop-up!  You have complete control of this function, allowing you to choose how many homes they can look at before it pops up and then whether it is forced or optional to fill out. There is no right or wrong answer to the question of whether you should force search registration or not. Testing is the most definitive way to find out what works best for your site, in your market.

Basic Search (IDX Access)

The basic search is easy to set up and gives people search fields like bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage to filter homes.  It is a straightforward search that utilizes a zip code or city, and a search radius of that information.  It is easy to use, has lead capture capabilities and your customers can be put right into the area they’re looking to buy.

Advanced Search

Upgrade to the Advanced Search to provide your customers with even more search options. Most MLS feeds provide over 100 possible search fields and the advanced search gives you access to almost all of them.  Our programmers can add additional search fields (or even take some away that you don’t want). With the advanced search, you also give someone the ability to do other types of searches, like a Listing ID Search, Map Search, Address Search or even just Basic.  Also, with the advanced search, you can customize the lead capture pop-up in many ways. Set how many properties they can view before seeing it, whether they’re allowed to keep searching, and on what pages you want it to show.

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