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IDX allows users to search the MLS on your Personal Website (pURL).

We offer IDX Access and IDX Advanced Search. IDX Access is a generalized search, while IDX Advanced Search is a more robust search with many filters and detailed requirements that you can choose from.

For IDX Advanced Search instructions, Click Here.

Setup IDX Access:

  • Click the Setup icon
  • Click on IDX Access
  • Add New
  • Enter your credit card information
  • Begin filling in the required search information
  • Save

Once complete, our MLS department will email you the IDX forms to fill out as well as any instructions you will need. Please note the email it will be coming from is

Once approved and the search has been activated, you will be able to add the search to your Personal Website (pURL):

  • Click on the Personal tab
  • Click on Personal Websites
  • Next to the website, click Pages
  • Select Add Page
  • Agent Pages
  • Select IDX Property Search
  • On the right side, fill out the Menu Text. The Menu Text is what will read on the tab on your website for people to click on. For example ‘Search Homes’
  • Select the IDX from the box beneath ‘URL’
  • Add
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