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Invalid Characters

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Sometimes when trying to add a Description or Title, you can inadvertently insert some characters that cannot be displayed with the “Internet” character set. These happen most often when creating a description in a word processor, then copy and paste it into your property description. The word processing program will use characters it understands but the Internet (your browser) doesn’t.

Here are some examples:
double quote: “ instead of “
single quote:  ’ instead of ‘
triple period: … instead of …

As you can see… you really don’t “see” a difference, but in computer language it’s like a foreign language.

If you are getting this error message: “Invalid characters found in or around:”, Find that word or phrase in your text, then re-type that word and the words in front and after it: DO NOT cut and paste again, just type it in straight into the text box from your keyboard. This should clear up the problem.

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