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Our new and improved landing pages are stand-alone websites that you can post to social media, share via email, or market however you choose!

How to Create:

  • Click the Leads tab on the left, then Landing Pages
  • Click Create New at the top
  • Create your URL for the landing page. The first half can be customized. You can gear it towards the purpose of your landing pages such as ‘firsttimehomebuyer’ or ‘sellingfast’
  • Select the second half of the URL from the dropdown menu. We have 2 to choose from.
  • Select one of our pre-generated templates that suits your needs
  • Click ‘Create Layout’

Editing the Landing Page:
Now that the landing page is created, you can begin customizing it.

  • Under the landing page, click Edit
  • This will bring you to the Editor.
  • You can type directly onto the page. Simply begin editing the verbiage by adding, or deleting. You can add a new section by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking ‘Add New Section’.
  • Each landing page comes with a default form – switch the form out to one of your custom forms by click ‘Form: Default’. Don’t have a custom form yet?
    Click here for the instructions for how to make one!

Theme Options:

  • Site Identity: Change logo, add Analytics code, add a Share Image (preview image) that will display when you share the link to the landing page to social media, and Homepage Title and Description (meta information).
  • Appearance: Change font sizes, colors, and background image
  • Custom CSS/Scripts: If you have your own custom CSS/Script from a web-developer, you can enter it here


  • After editing, make sure to click Save Changes on the top right. Click ‘Visit Site’ to view your finished landing page.
  • Another way to view your landing page is to click the little ‘View’ icon on the top right

How to Share Landing Pages:

  • To share your landing page, simply view it by using the instructions above and then copy the URL in the address bar of your browser. Paste it to social media, emails, or however you want to share!
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