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Link a Property to the MLS

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If you have created a property website manually, you can link it to the MLS once the property has been listed as Active on the MLS.

Linking it to the MLS will allow for the status and price to automatically update. You will also be able to re-pull new information or photos from the MLS. Pulling property information from the MLS will save you time, as you will not have to manually update the information moving forward.

NOTE: Once a property has been listed as Active in the MLS, it can take our system up to 24 hours to be able to connect to it.

Link the Property to the MLS:

  • Click the Property tab on the left
  • Properties
  • ‘Edit’ icon under the property
  • In the MLS Box, enter the MLS #
  • Click the ‘Link’ icon right next to the MLS #
  • Choose the property
  • Click ‘Link It’ to confirm
  • Click the ‘RePull from MLS’ button on the top right to pull in the information

NOTE: When clicking ‘RePull from MLS’, this deletes ALL of the information and photos from the property website and will pull in whatever is in the MLS for the listing currently

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