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Your Listing Presentation Flip Show:

When you are heading out to a listing appointment, we have an amazing listing tool.   Before you Activate a property you can still put in a site and present all of the features to your prospective Sellers. Our digital “Flip Show” book is an amazing way to wow your sellers and show them all of the tools you have at your disposal.  Create a property website from the exterior pictures of the neighborhood and/or property (we recommend driving by) and from your site the flip show book will display all of your features under the “See Sample” link.  Just by putting up a property your Website, Virtual Tour, Mobile Website, Brochures…etc. will display on your dynamic “Flip Show”.

To view the Listing Presentation Flip Show for a property:

  • Click on Property
  • Click on Properties
  • Click on the Tools icon in the bottom right corner for that property
  • Click on Listing Presentation

If you want to edit the flip show, add music, etc:

  • Click on Personal tab
  • Click on Flip Shows
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