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We use the address of the property to automatically locate it on the map. The map, street view and aerial view will display on the property website. However, you can make adjustments if necessary.

If your map icon is showing the incorrect location:

  • Click on Property
  • Click on Properties
  • ‘Tool’ Icon
  • Click on Mapping Options
  • Enter the latitude and longitude, or drag and drop the pin on the map into the correct location
  • Save

Choosing a Custom Map Icon:

If you would like a mapping icon different than the default house, select one from the choices and click Save

Adding Street View:

We automatically create a street view for each property.  It is added to your listing and will be under the Property Map button on your property website.

If you want to remove street view from the Property Website, you can turn it off from the Tools icon for the property, Property Options, turn OFF street view.

Changing the Street View for a Property:

  • Go to Tools icon for the property
  • Click on Mapping Options
  • Click on maps.google.com.  This should pull up the street view/map for the address.  If it doesn’t, just go to googlemaps.com and enter the address.  Then click on the street view of the property.
  • Make sure that the street view that comes up shows the correct property.  If it doesn’t or you don’t quite like the angle, you can move the street view around to your liking.
  • Click on the three horizontal dots in the top left corner of the street view
  • Then click on Share or Embed Image
  • Click on Embed Image at the top of the window
  • Then copy the field below that.
  • Go back to Mapping Options in your Agent Marketing account for that property
  • Paste the Google street view code in the box under Google Street View section on Mapping Options
  • Save
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