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Monthly Newsletters

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The Monthly Newsletters are not sent out each month to everyone at one time. They are spread out over the month which helps avoid the spam filters and have a better chance of ending up in your clients’ inbox. 

Sending Schedule: If you added someone on the 14th of the month to your Leads Manager, we will send them the monthly letter on the 14th of every month. If you added them on the 27th of the month, they will always get the monthly letters on the 27th. Doing this avoids peaks and valleys on email servers which results in your monthly letters going through to the client more efficiently. 

Default Monthly Letters:

We generate 12 default Monthly Newsletters. You can edit, view, or delete these letters. 

*Note: If you do not see the 12 default Monthly Newsletters, click the Default button on the top right of the screen. This will load the default letters into your account. Do NOT click this button if you have created your own letters. This button deletes everything and pulls in the default letters.

Editing a Default Letter:

  • Click on the Edit icon next to the letter
  • Edit the different sections of the letter from there.
  • Make sure to click Save once you are finished

Assigning the Monthly Letters to a Client:

  • Leads tab (on the left)
  • Clients
  • ‘Edit’ button next to the client’s name
  • Click the drop down menu and select ‘Turned On’
  • Save