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Putting Music on Your Property Website and Virtual Tour:

We have over 100 songs to select from to enhance your listing or virtual tour.  You can choose which genre you would like, listen to the selections and choose the right song for a particular listing.

You can easily add/change a song and select where it is played.

There are 4 choices of where the song plays:

  • Home and Tour: If you select “Home and Tour” the music will play when the Property Website is viewed as well as the stand alone (including the MLS compliant) “Virtual Tour”.  So that the music on the Property Website is not interfered with, this setting doesn’t play a song during the slide “Virtual Tour” that is embedded in the Property Website.
  • Home only: You may choose to put music solely on the Property Website by selecting “Website Only”.
  • Tour only: The default without selecting a song is “Tour Only”.  You can choose to keep to this setting by selecting “Tour Only”.  This setting keeps the music only on the slide “Virtual Tour” on the Property Site and the stand alone (including the MLS compliant) “Virtual Tour”.
  • No music on either:  Choose this setting if you do not want music anywhere on your Property Website.

To add music:

  • Click on Property
  • Properties
  • Tools icon in the bottom right for the property
  • Music Selection
  • Click the circle next to the music you would like played on your website and/or virtual tour
  • Save

To delete music off of your website and/or virtual tour:

  • Click Delete on the top right
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