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Open House Dates

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To add in Open House dates for a property:

  • Click on the Property tab on the left
  • Click on Properties
  • Click on OH Times underneath the property
  • Enter the date of the open house and the times
  • Click Save

Once saved, a few things happen:

  1. You’ll see a ‘View’ button next to the open house date/time you entered. Click on this and it will open up an interactive flyer. Copy the link from the address bar to share it how you choose.
  2. Click the ‘Facebook’ button next to the date/time to post to Facebook.
  3. An Open House menu button on your property website will be added. It will also add a countdown on the home page.
  4. Open house dates/times will be added to your property flyers to view/print

Another great thing about adding in Open House dates – when you post to Craigslist, it puts the Open House date and times in the ad!

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