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Open House Flyer Setup

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Sponsor Setup:

Hover your mouse over your photo on the top left and click Edit>>OH Flyer (at the top of the screen)

  1. Fill in up to six loan scenarios (the more you set up, the better)
  2. Make sure loan limits are accurate
  3. Click SAVE !
  4. All Agents underneath the sponsor will have OH Flyer based on price of the listing and the loan limit.

NOTE: The loan limit needs to be equal to or higher than the price of the listing in order for the flyer to appear for an agent’s listing.

Agents: Where do I find my Open House Flyer?

You can find your Open House flyer under your Properties list, then:

  1. Click on the URL for the website (this will open the property website)
  2. Click on Print Brochure
  3. The Open House Flyer is called the Finance Flyer at top of the page.

NOTE:  You will only have an Open House Flyer if your Sponsor has set one up.

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