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In My Partners you can build your business network where everyone can communicate freely with each other. See who is and isn’t online and send them messages.

Better than your social network, this network means business!

  • Your partners are displayed in a random order each time the page loads.
  • Click on their picture and it opens to display their contact information.
  • Click the PENCIL to edit them and maybe change vendors for that industry.

NOTE: When you Partner with a Photographer, they display as your photographer on the property shopping cart.

NOTE: When you Partner with a Mortgage professional, your properties also get an open house flyer. You also get a Text-For-Payment feature which is really cool.

To Add a New Partner:

1.  Click on Add New under the My Partners section on your Dashboard.

2.  Choose the industry you want to find partners in and click NEXT.

3.  Choose a partner from the list provided and click NEXT.

4.  Choose any available options for that partner and click NEXT.  For example, “Should this partner be allowed to log in as you?”  If you choose yes, they will have access to your account, properties, etc.

5.  Confirm your selection by reviewing the information and click SAVE in the bottom right corner.

Then the new partner will show on your home page Dashboard, where you can view their contact information and even chat with them if they are online!

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