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How to Post to Craigslist:

  • Click the Property tab on the left
  • CL Poster
  • Select URL, Text, Phone, or All (hover your mouse over the ‘?’ next to each type to see the details)
  • Proceed on the top right

NOTE: If you click Proceed and nothing happens, you will need to make sure your pop up blockers are turned OFF for your browser. Also, make sure that no other window is open on your screen EXCEPT AgentMarketing. Do not have Craigslist open already in another window when beginning this process.

  • After you click Proceed, 2 windows will pop up and split your screen
  • On the left is the ad we have provided you, on the right is Craigslist
  • Follow the prompts from Craigslist in the right window to begin selecting your city, category you want to post the ad in, etc.
  • Then copy the different fields from the left window and paste into the corresponding fields in the right window
  • Click Continue on the right side after copying/pasting all fields
  • On the next window, you can make sure the map is correct and then click Continue
  • Upload the property photos from your computer (24 max)
  • Publish
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