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Our PreBuilt Sites are ready-to-go landing pages that can be quickly shared to your social media or other marketing channels. Unlike our squeeze pages, our prebuilt sites require no creating, editing or fine-tuning beforehand. Simply copy the link and begin sharing!

We have 4 PreBuilt Sites to Choose From:

Our Listings: Displays your currently active property websites that you’ve created in your AgentMarketing account. Great for showcasing what properties you are handling currently.

List With Me: Shows the different tools you can offer prospective clients if they choose to list their home with you.

CMA Report: Gathers a lead’s address and information. Once the lead submits it, you will receive the information so that you can reach out to them and provide them with a CMA.

FSBO Prospecting: Focuses on gaining new potential FSBO clients by showing the different tools and services you can offer them. 

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