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**AgentMarketing is not responsible for any spelling errors or changes to an order after it has been placed. If you have placed your order and see something that needs to be corrected, please contact our printing department immediately at 949.328.5000. We cannot guarantee any changes can be made after your order has been placed due to our production and turn around times. In order to provide the best quality and quickest product, we do our best to send your order to production as soon as your order has been placed.**

If you believe your print job is defective or has not otherwise met your requirements, please contact AgentMarketing, IN WRITING via email to printshop@agentmarketing.com, within 24 hours of receipt of your order. If you do not contact us within this time frame we will assume that your job was satisfactory upon receipt and will be under no obligation to provide a refund or reprint.
Within your written request to report a problem, please include the following details:

  • Item description
  • Picture/scan clearly showing the problem
  • Pictures to include pulling from random spots throughout the order would be ideal to help validate the extent of the issue and the rough amount affected. (For example: If business cards are cut badly where text or images are cutoff, shuffle out to show how the cuts have affected the artwork.)

Once you have contacted us, we will then have 24 to 48 hours to determine if a reprint or refund is appropriate or advise you that more information is needed to process your inquiry. If we request additional information to verify an inquiry and it is not provided within a reasonable time, we will be under no obligation to provide a refund or reprint. If we determined that a product is in fact defective or has not otherwise met our obligations, one of the following two resolutions will be offered:

  1. We will reprint the job with rush production
  2. We will refund the original order price

We reserve the right to request samples of any allegedly defective merchandise prior to either of the above resolutions being agreed to. The following are some guidelines and examples of issues that do not constitute grounds for a refund, or a return or reprint of a product:

·         An order that is refused at time of delivery or undeliverable orders. (We will reship the product at the customer’s expense if requested)
·         The product is lost, delayed, or returned to Agent Marketing due to an error made by the customer in submitting the proper shipping address. (For product that is returned to us we will reship the package with a corrected address and charge an additional shipping fee for the shipment.)
·         Product that is delayed in production and/or shipping as a result of the customer providing inaccurate information.
·         Product that is delayed in production and/or shipping as a result of shipping company delays, acts of God, weather conditions, environmental or dangerous goods incidents, perils of the air, public enemies, public authorities acting with actual or apparent authority, acts of omissions of customs officials, authority of law, quarantine, riots, strikes, work stoppages or slowdowns, or other labor disputes or disturbances, civil commotions or hazards incident to a state of war, local or national disruptions in ground or air transportation networks or systems due to events beyond our control, disruption or failure of communication and information systems, disruption or failure of utilities, international customs issues, and any other circumstances that are beyond our control.
·         Product that has experienced a color shift during the conversion to CMYK format when customer provides their own print ready files.
·         Errors that are contained in the uploaded customer file, e.g., misspelling, graphics, bleeds, grammar, damaged fonts, punctuation, wrong cuts, incorrect or missing folds, die lines, crop marks, transparency, overprint, and finished product size.
·         Product that experiences print or images that are fuzzy, pixilated or otherwise distorted as a result of the customer providing artwork that is not a minimum of 300dpi at 1:1 ratio (or 100%) and/or in CMYK mode.
·         Products that do not exactly match color or ink density. Agent Marketing does not color match or match customer specified ink density.
·         An inability to print or write on the product, unless the product description states otherwise. A typical UV coated product cannot be printed or written upon. Matte finished products may or may not accept printing or writing. Agent Marketing is not responsible for an inability to print or write on Product, unless the product specifically states that is suitable for this purpose.
·         Orders that are duplicated as a result of customer error.
·         Orders that contain dated materials that arrive after the relevant date or with insufficient time to use the material as intended. It is the customer’s responsibility to allow sufficient time when placing an order for time sensitive materials.
·         Our failure to notify you of any delay, loss or damage in connection with your printed products or shipment or any inaccuracy in such notice.
·         The release of an order by the shipper without obtaining a signature.

*AgentMarketing’s Printshop Policies can change at any time without notice.

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