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Emailing the Website:

You can easily email a postcard version of the website to yourself and then forward it to other people:

  • Click the Property tab on the left
  • Properties
  • Click on the Tools  icon in the bottom right corner for that property you would like to email out  OR  click on Share icon (second from left icon at bottom for that property), 
  • Click on “Property eCard” icon


  • Click on Share icon (second from left icon at bottom for that property), then Email Website
  • You will see the postcard version of the property where you can choose a layout, edit colors, text, etc.
  • All you need to do is click the green Send Email button and you will receive an email of the postcard version of the website that you can forward to anyone in your contacts!

NOTE:  When anyone looks at the postcard version in the email, all they need to do is click on the postcard or the link provided above it to go to the full property website!

After you email yourself a version of the website, you can then forward the email to fellow Realtors, prospects, sphere…etc.  If you would like to do an email blast to other Realtors, there are some wonderful services out there that do that.  You can find the HTML for email blasting and copy and paste the actual HTML code from our “Website Links and Sharing and HTML” icon under the Tools menu.

Here a three of the many email blasting services for Realtors:

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