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If you are trying to pull your property from the MLS using the MLS#, and you are receiving the ‘Property Not Found’ message in return, there are a few things you should check.

  1. Check your MLS Pull to make sure your MLS is selected. Click the Setup Icon (little gear on the top left)>>MLS Pull. Make sure your MLS is selected as the Data Source.

  2. Check how long the property has been actually listed as Active in the MLS. It can take up to 24 hours for us to be able to pull the data. If you just listed it as Active in the MLS and you are trying to pull it, try again in a few hours.

  3. If it’s been Active for over 24 hours and it still isn’t pulling in, make sure you are using the right MLS #. A handy tool for referencing what MLS # that is being fed out in the data is by checking Realtor.com. Simply type in the property address into Realtor.com, scroll all the way down. On the right, you’ll see the Source’s Property ID. This is the MLS# you need to be using when trying to pull in the property.
  1. Make sure the property has been listed as Active in the MLS for 24 hours. We can only pull Active listings, not Coming Soon/Pending/Sold.

  2. Check that your MLS Pull is set up. Click the Setup Icon (little gear on the top left)>>MLS Pull. On the left, make sure your MLS is selected as the data source. On the right next to Agent Identity, make sure there is a code there (this is a unique code only for our system). If it says Agent Identity: Click to Assign, you’ll need to click and follow the prompts.

  3. Make sure your Fully Automate is actually turned on. Click the Property tab on the left, then Options. Under Marketing Automation, make sure the Fully Automate switch is turned ON.

There are a few situations that result in duplicate property websites.

  1. You initially created the property website manually (entering in the info yourself, before it was listed as Active on the MLS). Once the listing actually went Active in the MLS, our system detected it and pulled it in. You can delete the duplicate that pulled in, and then link your manually created property website to the MLS instead. For instructions, Click Here.

  2. The listing has had different MLS #s – perhaps the initial listing was retracted from the MLS, and then re-listed with a new MLS #. You can choose which property website you want to use, delete the duplicate and then make sure the one you want to use is connected to the MLS. For instructions, Click Here.

This happens when you have Fully Automate turned on. If your MLS is still feeding the property out as Active, our system will detect it and continue to pull it in. To prevent the hassle of deleting it every day, simply change the status to Disabled. This will put the website in a dormant state. It will not be able to be viewed publicly and it will NOT count against your overall website count. To do this, go to Property>>Properties>>’Info’ Icon>>Next to Status, select Disabled.

If you are trying to view your website and you are receiving a ‘Site Cannot Be Reached’ message, this means that the subdomain you chose for the property website isn’t set up to be used for a property yet. This occurs when someone selects their own custom domain as the subdomain instead of one of ours. There are 2 ways to fix this.

  1. Follow our set of instructions for making your custom domain work as a subdomain. For those instructions, Click Here. If you already forwarded the domain using our instructions, make sure that you followed Step #6.

  2. You can change the subdomain to one of ours instead, which fixes the issue instantly. To do that, go to Property>>Properties>>’Info’ Icon under the property>>’Website’>>Select a different domain from the dropdown menu.

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