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Sometimes you have that property that needs to be a little different than your other properties and you would like to turn on or off some of the options. Here is where you can do that.

  1. You can turn off the Home Page High-Def option.
  2. You can turn off the QR Code (appears on property brochures, Open House flyers and sign riders).
  3. You can turn off the thumbnails on the Front page.
  4. You can stop the Open House spokesperson from playing.
  5. You can choose to display Lot Size as either acres or square feet.
  6. You can turn off the Street View for this property.
  7. You can turn off Related Properties (currently only on Layout 8 – at the bottom).
  8. You can turn off Squeeze Pages for this property.

Just choose the options you would like to turn on or off, and remember to click SAVE.

What is Home Page High-Def?

If there is a high-definition image for your first property photo, the system will automatically display the image as big as possible for that layout.  This option will remove the thumbnails to focus all the attention on the large home page image.

If you want to turn OFF this feature and bring back the smaller image with the thumbnails under it, this is where you would do it.

NOTE:  High-Def DOES NOT function if the first image is a vertical photo.

What is a QR Code?  

A QR Code instantly connects prospects to more property information – without typing in the long URL or texting. Simply snap the Tag with your mobile phone, and the QR Tag takes you there!

Property Specific Feedback Greeting:

This will be your default greeting that will appear at the top of the specific property’s feedback requests.

  • You can insert the property address or city in your greeting by putting ##ADDRESS## or ##CITY## where you want them to appear.
  • NOTE:  You can create a property specific greeting by clicking on your Properties tab, then click on the Tools icon, then Property Options.  Type in your greeting and click  !

Property Specific Feedback Questions:

If your property requires specific feedback questions to appear on the specific property’s feedback requests, this is where you can create them.  To create property specific questions, click on your Properties tab, then click on the Tools icon, then Property Options.  Type in your questions and click Save!

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