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HTML, Website Links & Sharing

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To access the HTML, Website Links & Sharing for a Property:

  • Click the Property tab on the Left
  • Properties
  • Tool icon
  • HTML, Website Links & Sharing

Using the Website Links, Sharing & HTML:

This page displays all the possible links AND HTML to your single property website. Copy the URL or HTML and paste anywhere and everywhere you can. 

It is important to paste the MLS Compliant Website or Virtual Tour link in your MLS’s section for Virtual Tour URL’s.  This will significantly increase showings and also give the property more exposure on the search sites that your MLS feeds to.  If your MLS allows, put the short compliant URL in your actual property description as well.  This will insure that your listing gets the most exposure possible.  Other Agents are more likely to show a listing with a Virtual Tour and buyers with more data are more likely to want to see a home they may have interest in.  Also, putting the MLS compliant link in Multilist and/or putting the compliant URL in your description makes it more likely that even if your Broker or MLS feed supercede ours, your Property Website and/or Virtual Tours will have increased traffic as the feeds will still link to them.

Use the HTML of your Single Property Website to copy and paste into Classified ads and into email blasts that will help bring exposure to a listing.

In Website Links, Sharing & HTML, you will find links for:

  • Listing Presentation – Use this link for a flip show listing presentation
  • Stand Alone MLS Compliant Virtual Tour Links – This link removes your personal information and contact information from the Virtual Tour so it is IDX compliant.  This link should be used as the virtual tour link in MLS systems for your listing.
    • Just copy the link that is compliant with your MLS and paste in your MLS
  • Full Website Link – This link shows all your personal contact information, photo and logo
  • Stand Alone Virtual Tour Link – This link shows the virtual tour with your personal contact information, photo and logo
  • MLS Compliant Website Link – This link removes your personal information, photo and logo.  Choose the one that is compliant with your MLS.

You will also find:

  • Social Networking – Just login to the social networking site first, then click on the social network you would like to post the property to.  We even supply the description from your property website that you can copy and paste if necessary.
  • Property Widget – This code will show your property and all pictures as a widget on your personal website, your blog posts…anywhere that lets you post code.
  • Classifieds HTML – This will show you “how” your property will be posted on classifieds.  It also gives you the code in case you would like to post it yourself.
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