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Navigating to the Options for Personal Websites:

  • Click the Personal tab on the left
  • Personal Websites
  • Options

Site Identity

Logo & Profile Picture: By default, we will automatically display the logo and profile picture you have uploaded to your account. If you’d like to use a different photo or logo just for this particular website, you can add the link to the logo/photo in these sections.

Analytics Scripts: If you have a third-party tracking code (such as Google Analytics), you can enter the code here.

Site Verification: Third-party sites that you are using may ask you to verify your website for various reasons. If this is the case, enter the verification code they provide you in this box.

Share Image: When sharing the link to your website to social media or other platforms, a preview image will often display alongside the link. If there’s a specific image you want to be displayed (such as your logo or profile photo), enter the link for it here.

Homepage Title: This is the meta title that displays on the tab of your website (at the very top) as well as in search results. 

Homepage Description: This is the meta description of your website that will display in search results.


Adjust heading and body font/size

Theme Colors: Choose from one of our pre-set schemes, or choose your own colors by simply clicking the color bars for Primary, Accent, Light and Dark.

Homepage & Header Options:

Navigation Bar Style: Choose between a light or dark scheme for the main header. You can select light or dark on this screen and preview what it looks like on the right side.

Hide Agent Image on Navbar: If the layout you have chosen has this feature, you can check this box to remove your photo from appearing at the top of the website.

Heading Image: Select a photo from our gallery for the main heading image of your website.

Use Custom Image/Video: If you’d rather use your own photo or video as the main header, turn on the setting. Enter the link to the image or the Video ID for the video.

Background Overlay: If you’ve chosen a photo as your main header, you can adjust the overlay for it by using this scale. 

Subpage Options:

*Subpages are all the pages of your website that are NOT your homepage. 

Sidebar On/Off: On each subpage, your photo and contact information will display on the right side of the screen. You can turn it on or off from appearing by checking this box.
Note: You can add, remove, or edit the information on the sidebar directly on the right side of the screen. 

Subpage Banner Set: Each subpage has a banner image at the top. They rotate throughout each page. Choose from one of our preset selections, or add your own links to images you want to use instead. 

Footer Options:

Closing Section: Displays at the bottom of all pages of your website, right above the footer. You can swap out the photo and adjust the background overlay/blur. Change the verbiage by typing directly on the right side of the screen. To remove this section completely, un-check the box for this section.

On/Off Section: Turn on/off Google Translate, Designations and Social Media icons. 
Note: You can add or edit the information of the footer by typing directly on the right side of the screen.

IDX/Property Settings:

Property Search: If you have the Basic IDX activated for your account, check this box to add a search bar to your home page. If you have more than one search, a dropdown will appear that allows you to choose which search you want to use for the search bar.

Sort Properties By: Use this section to control how you’d like the IDX Feed widget sorted on your homepage. On the right, scroll all the way down and click Add New Section, then IDX Feed. This will add a widget to your home page that scrolls through random properties from your MLS. 

Featured Properties:

Add a Featured Properties widget to your homepage that will display your active/sold properties. On the right, scroll all the way down and click Add New Section, then My Properties. Use this section to pick and choose which properties you would like featured in the section. 

Custom CSS/Scripts:

If you have custom CSS/Scripts that you would like added to the website, you can add it here.


Add an optional popup to your site to capture new leads. This optional popup will allow you to ask visitors for their email and name. Turn on/off the popup through this section. You can also edit the form, verbiage, and photo on the popup.

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