Customizing & Options

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Navigating to the Options for Personal Websites:

  • Click the Personal tab on the left
  • Personal Websites
  • Options

Options Include:

  • Site Identity: Change the logo or profile photo that displays on the website Google Analytics, Site Verification, Share Image
  • Appearance: Font and Color Scheme
  • IDX Settings: Turn on/off the search bar on the home page, turn on/off Featured Listings
  • Homepage Header: Select the image that displays at the top of the home page. Use your own custom image or video.
  • Subpage Options: Choose the header photos for the subpages, edit the sidebar which displays your information.
  • Footer Options: Turn on/off the Closing Section, Google Translate, Designations and Social Media icons.
  • Custom CSS: If you have your own custom CSS, you can enter it here. 
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