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Re-Key SSL Using AM CSR

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If you purchased a Security Certificate (SSL) through another company, sometimes we will have to require that it gets re-keyed with an AgentMarketing CSR in order for our programmers to install it for you. If you have been notified that this is the case for your SSL, please follow these instructions.

Through Your AgentMarketing Account:

  • Personal tab on the left
  • Domain Mgmt
  • Add Domain (if you haven’t already)
  • Type in the domain and click Add
  • Next to the domain, click the SSL icon
  • If the SSL is a wildcard cert, check the box next to ‘wildcard’. If not, leave box un-checked.
  • Click the blue ‘Generate’ button
  • You will see a long code appear in the box below. Copy the entire code.

Through the Website You Purchased the SSL From:

  • Log in
  • Locate your SSL and its settings
  • Find option to Re-Key Certificate
  • Where it asks for the CSR, paste the long code you copied from AM
  • Save or submit
  • Once the SSL has been re-issued, download the certificate and email it to our programmers at serveralert@agentmarketing.com
  • NOTE: If it asks what type of server when downloading the SSL, select Apache
  • Our programmers will install the SSL for you and email you once complete

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