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Releasing a Domain Name

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All domain names are purchased by us through our bulk purchasing account with Enom.com. All domain names are registered in our name on your behalf. Yes, technically that makes us the domain name owners, but we are purchasing the domain name on your behalf, so if you ever want to transfer the domain name to yourself, we will transfer your domain name to your own Enom account as quickly as possible, usually takes 24 to 48 hours (sometimes as quickly as an hour).

We only register them in our name so it’s very easy for us to make the needed changes for you as you need them, without you knowing how… we do all the work.

Below are the steps to transfer a domain name to yourself and take control:

  • Create a personal account for yourself at enom.com (make sure you login and input a Credit Card on your enom account for renewals and such).
  • IMPORTANT: You will need to contact ENOM and ask that your account be allowed to have domain names pushed into it. The easiest  way to get this done may be via a support ticket from the ENOM site.
  • Send an email to domainnames@agentmarketing.com requesting to take control with the domain name, your AM login ID (and password) and your ENOM login ID.
  • We will then PUSH the domain name to that account where you have full control over it (at that point, we can no longer do anything).
  • You can make any changes to it and even send yourself the AUTH codes to transfer it elsewhere.

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