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Securing Your Domain Name

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Purchasing an SSL Through AgentMarketing:

  • Click the Personal tab on the left
  • Domain Mgmt
  • Next to the domain name, click the SSL icon
  • Make sure the domain name and contact information is correct in the top section
  • Follow Step 1 by click the Generate CSR button
  • Follow step 2 by selecting a 1 or 2 year purchase
  • Proceed and Checkout

After purchase, our programmers will install the SSL for you and advise you when installed. Please allow 24-72 hours for this to be complete.

If You Purchased an SSL Through Another Provider:

In order for us to install an SSL Certificate for your pURL or property website, you will first need to generate a CSR (certificate signing request) for it first.

Generate CSR:

  • Click the Personal tab on the left
  • Domain Mgmt
  • Add domain (if you haven’t already)
  • Next to the domain name, click the SSL icon
  • Make sure all of the information is filled in correctly
  • Generate
  • Once you have generated your CSR you can copy/paste it, or download it as a text file, so that you can submit it to your SSL provider (the company you purchased the SSL from). They will ask for this CSR that we generated for you.  

NOTE: If you are planning on using this domain for multiple sub-domains (multiple pURLS or property websites) then you will need to purchase what is called a “wildcard certificate”. There is a checkbox for this that you need to check before generating your CSR. Wildcard certs cost more than single domain certs.

After submitting the CSR to your SSL Provider:


If they ask what kind of server we have, it’s a Linux server, but usually this is only needed in order to provide instructions on how to install the cert, which you will NOT be doing. After this step, some providers want to verify you own the domain by providing you with a file that they want uploaded to the webserver. If your provider wants this step, you can upload the file from the CSR generator screen as well.  

Once you have the cert, you need to email it to us at so we can install it on our server for you. Some providers also include what is commonly referred to as a CA Bundle or a Certificate Authority file. Please send that along too if your provider includes one. When passing this information to the programmers, please be sure that the domain name is included somewhere since it is the only reference we use on our server. If you send us a cert without the domain, we have no way of knowing who it’s for and cannot install it until we have that info.  

Please use email address to communicate your Secure Cert information.

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