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FSBO Strategies

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You’re looking for properties to market, to generate buyer leads.

Call FSBO’s to market their property for them.

  • Buy Prop-Biz cards or Text Rider to put sign in yard – meet in person for rapport
  • Post property to Craig’s List with Text code and not too much info.
  • Also ask sellers to pass any other leads to you to pre-qualify.
  • You should do numerous pre-quals, and do numerous loans from a good FSBO.
  • If you do a good job, you should also get the sellers new mortgage.
  • If house doesn’t sell, you should get a listing referral for a good referring agent.
  • If they don’t want to sell anymore, maybe a refi or a home improvement loan.

Working with Agents:

  • From the above, you should get some well qualified buyers; pass these on to good agents that will work well with them, so they can find a home to buy. (you get the loan, and in good with the agent for giving them a pre-qualified buyer… you should expect some referrals from them) This will start you building a solid agent referral network, not just waiting for agents to send you business.
  • You can also actively market some agents’ properties to generate some leads, using the same tactics as the FSBO, but with an agents best listing.

1. Find FSBO’s

There are several great websites you can use to find FSBO’s

2. Call FISBO’s (Scripts)

You can also e-mail potential leads…

3. Generate Marketing Material

4. Work The Leads

Landing Page Resources (Login Required)

  1. Once Logged In go to Personal -> PreBuilt Sites
  2. The following resources will be listed on the right side
    1. FreeFSBO.Marketing
    2. FSBO.Expert
    3. FSBO.Network
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