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Floor Plans

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You can upload any floor plans for your property and let buyers see the flow of your unique open plan.

To upload a floor plan:.

  1. Click on the Property tab on the left
  2. Properties
  3. Tools icon in the bottom right corner for that property.
  4. Click on Floor Plans.
  5. Add New
  6. Click Choose Files to retrieve the file of the floor plan saved to your computer.
  7. Keep uploading more, if necessary, by following step 5.
  8. When finished uploading, click I’m Finished! 

To edit the floorplan title and description:

  1. Click on the  under the Edit column.
  2. Type in the new floorplan title and floorplan description
  3. Click Save My Changes when finished.

To delete a floor plan:

Click on the trash can icon  under the Delete column next to the floor plan you want to delete.

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