Using a Domain as a Subdomain

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A subdomain is the second half of the URL for a property website.
For example, if you purchased a domain name of, you could also use it as a subdomain for your property sites.  The URL could be

You can accomplish this whether you purchased the domain through us or through another provider.

If you purchased a domain through us:

  • Click the Personal tab on the left
  • Domain Mgmt
  • Click on the domain name
  • Select Available for all Property Websites
  • Confirm

If you purchased a domain from another provider:

  • Click the Personal tab on the left
  • Domain Mgmt
  • Under ‘I have a domain’ click ‘Show me How’
  • Use Domain as Property Subdomain
  • Follow the instructions provided

Moving forward, you will now be able to use your domain as a subdomain for all of your property websites.

To change the subdomain on an already existing property website:

  • Click the Property tab on the left
  • Properties
  • ‘Edit’ Icon
  • Website
  • At the top of the screen, you will see a blue box with the current URL information
  • From the Domain drop down menu, select the domain
  • Save

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