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Input a list of your vendors to display on your mobile and desktop personal website. The vendor list will also be included on your Broadcast My Move websites to help your new homeowners find a qualified and trusted handyman, painter or even their local utilities. You can also add a Vendor page to your Personal Website. When you need a new vendor, you’ll be able to search vendors within a certain mile radius of you, recommended and input by other Realtors in your area. View their ratings and read their reviews… to find the best.  

To add/edit vendors:

  • From the Dashboard of your account, click Vendors at the top of the screen

How to Add In A Vendor:   1.  Click on Add New and add in the Vendor’s email address.

2.  If the vendor isn’t in our database, you will then fill out the vendor information and click Save & Next.

3.  Add in the review, notes, rating and Save.

Once you have finished adding in your vendor, you will see them appear on your vendor list.  From this list, you can edit the vendor information you entered, as well as view it.

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