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To upload a video or flash file:

  • Click on the Camera icon in top left corner for that property
  • Click on the “Video & You Tube” icon
  • Depending on what kind of file you would like to upload (video or flash), click the “Browse” button in the appropriate box
  • Choose a file from your computer
  • Click

NOTE:  To view, just click on

To embed your video HTML code:

  • You can use any video hosting service that provides HTML code to embed in your website.
  • Copy the HTML code from the video hosting service
  • Paste the HTML code in the box below “Embed your HTML code”
  • Click

NOTE:  To view the video, just click on .   To delete the video, just click on .

Uploading YouTube videos to your own YouTube Channel

If you want videos to be uploaded to your own YouTube channel, you need to give Agent Marketing permissions to your YouTube account.

Clicking “I Have a You Tube Channel” button will take you to a Google Account page where you can authorize the the Agent Marketing Video Generator.

If you’re getting an email containing “The error message YouTube gave us was: youtubeSignupRequired”, you’ve most likely authorized AgentMarketing to a Google Account without a valid YouTube channel. If your YouTube account has other channels, make sure to select your name and/or email address in the authentication dialog.

A Google account can have multiple YouTube identities, each of which can have multiple channels.

In order to make sure you’ve got a YouTube account with a valid channel,

  1. Open in a browser. If you see a Sign In button in the upper right corner, click it and sign in.
  2. If you have multiple YouTube identities and/or channels, you’ll be asked which one to use.
  3. Find and click on the Upload button near the top of the screen. You’ll be asked to create a channel if one doesn’t already exist.

After making sure you can upload to your channel on the YouTube site, you can ReAuthorize AgentMarketing — make sure to use the same identity and channel you used on

The following links may be helpful in dealing with YouTube channels:

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