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Your virtual tour uses all of your pictures from the Photo Gallery by default.  If you choose to create a custom virtual tour, it will use the ones you select.

If you would like to create a custom virtual tour:

  • Click on Property tab
  • Click Properties
  • Click the Camera icon in top left corner of that property
  • Virtual Tour
  • Click ‘Add to Tour’ under each photo you wish to add to the tour
  • Add caption/Edit movement of slide
  • Save Image

NOTE: Anything you do on this Virtual Tour screen will override the tour we generate automatically

To delete a photo from the virtual tour:

  • Click the trash can icon on the top right of the photo
  • Click Yes, Delete Image

To upload a photo INTO the virtual tour:

  • Click Upload on the top right corner

To change order of photos in custom virtual tour:

  • Drag the slides in the left column up and down to reorder
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