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By default, the YouTube videos for each property get uploaded to our AgentMarketing YouTube channel. However, we recommend granting us access to upload the videos to your own personal channel instead.

Upload YouTube Videos to Your Channel:

  • Click the ‘Photos’ Icon (little camera on the top left of the property)
  • Video & YouTube
  • Click the “I have my own YouTube channel” button under the YouTube Video Generator section
  • After you click Authorize, a new window will pop up for you to read and Authorize again.
  • After clicking Authorize again, a window from Google/You Tube will open and you will need to Accept here (it may ask you to log in to your Google account first)
  • After this step, you will be returned to AgentMarketing where you can generate videos!

When a video has uploaded:

  • You will receive an email confirmation with the link to watch the video, as well as a link to download it.
  • You can view the video by clicking the ‘Photos’ Icon (little camera on the top left of the property)>>Video & YouTube>>Watch Video.

Getting an embed code for the video:

  • ‘Photos’ Icon (little camera on the top left of the property)>>Video & YouTube
  • Click on the small plus symbol on the right side of the You Tube HTML Code box

How do I manually submit an older property to You Tube?

  • ‘Photos’ Icon (little camera on the top left of the property)>>Video & YouTube
  • Click Generate Video
  • After you do this it will give you an approximate time for how long it will take to generate  and will email you when complete.

What if there have been changes made to my property website (pictures, price, etc.)?

  • After your video’s been uploaded, you can update the price and description directly on the video without creating a new video.  Just click the Update Video button at the bottom of the YouTube Video Generator section.
  • If you have changed the photos, text code, etc, you will need to click the Delete Video button, then the Generate Video button to regenerate a completely new video.
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