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Zapier Setup

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Get a Zapier Account: 

  1. Go to https://zapier.com/
  2. Click Sign Up (Orange Button – Top Right)
  3. Follow the steps for sign-up

Before creating your zap, be sure to check out the pre-configured templates available. Go to this link and scroll down until you see the following options:

Link: https://zapier.com/apps/agentmarketing-leads/integrations

Make a Zap:

  1. Locate the ‘What Do You Want to Automate Today’ search at the top of the screen
  2. In the ‘Connect this app..’ box, search for AgentMarketing Leads
  3. In the ‘With this one!’ box, select the app you wish to connect AgentMarketing. 
  4. Select a Trigger and Action for what the two apps will do. 
  5. Make a Zap!
  6. Click Connect An Account
  7. Login to your AM Customer Account
  • Go to Gear Icon → Account Options
  • Scroll to the bottom left
  • Click “New API Access Key”
  • Click “New API Access Key” button
  • Scroll back to the bottom right, copy the key created

NOTE: Make sure you don’t copy any spaces at the beginning or end of the key

8. Paste your key where it says “Add API Key Here”
9. Click Yes, Continue
10. Click Test (Success shows)
11. Click Save+Continue
12. If no sample leads are important automatically, you can click “Skip This Step”
(pulling in test leads will only work if you have a new lead less then an hour old)
13. Click Continue With Default Sample
14. Locate the app you desire (Example: LionDesk)
15. Select Create New Contact
16. Click Save+Continue
17. You’ll be asked to connect your account; follow the required steps
Example: For LionDesk, Under Settings → 3rd Party Integrations you can turn on the Zapier connection to get the API key
18. Test the connection and click Save+Continue
19. Now, you select what fields in your app will match the fields Agent Marketing is sending

20. NOTE: You’ll notice First Name has the LionDesk icon, that’s the field in LionDesk. The drop-down gives me the possible Agent Marketing Fields, in this case I would select First Name from the list.
21. Once done, click Continue
22. You can now either send a test or skip the test. 
23. Finish your Zap by naming it (whatever you like) and turn it on. 

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