New Features

Have you been wondering if your ideas are being implemented?

Here’s a list of some of the feature requests we’ve received from customers that have been implemented by our team.

Note: This list is not exhaustive and doesn’t include every system update. We make many back-end enhancements and updates each month. These are just some of the major changes we’ve implemented.


  • Lead Status Filter: You can filter by status in the leads manager
  • Brokers and Mortgage Professionals: Multi-select agents in your agents list to make them active. We’ve also added a list filter so you can see only active agents.
  • Add up to three MLS boards to your Auto-Pull that automatically generates your Property Websites.
  • Integrate any third party chat you like into all property sites and marketing websites. [Learn More]
  • Add leads to email drips by group
  • Submit your ideas through the AgentMarketing Dashboard
  • Multi-select leads for deletion
  • Elite Only: Add your social logins to the system for elite posting management
  • Enhanced sorts and filters for property marketing site list
  • Meters Squared added for property marketing websites
  • Brokers: Sort your agent team page


  • Property Addresses display inside the YouTube videos for Property Sites
  • Lead Generation Modals added to pURL’s
  • Submit bug tickets through your AgentMarketing dashboard
  • Layout 16 supports co-listing agent
  • Added social media training sessions
  • Completely revamped the co-listing agent system to be more intuitive
  • Updated music library for videos with many new tracks
  • Added List With Me auto-generated website, cards, and social posts.
  • Added the ability to subscribe to agent blogs
  • Order listing presentations and flyers from the print shop
  • Connect a manually created property site to MLS data feed once available
  • Added IDX Advanced Search Option
  • Ability to purchase SSL certificates through the system
  • Comments on agent blog posts
  • Selecting specific listings for pURL display
  • Continue with FaceBook added to Property Site Lead Capture
  • Automated Social Posting of property sites using Zapier
  • Zapier integration to send leads to other applications
  • The Design Lab
  • Brokers and Mortgage Professionals: New agent invitation system
  • Open House information on property sites auto-populated with MLS data
  • New “Pending” status for property websites
  • Brokers: The ability to clone pURL’s down to their agents.
  • Updated interface with clear buttons on the property marketing dashboard
  • Lead Capture modal for property websites
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