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IDX Enabled Websites

Providing a way for your customers to search for active listings is a great way to increase website stickiness. With our lead capture options you can also increase your lead capture opportunities.

IDX Access Key Features

Streamlined Design

Offering a good user experience is the single most important thing you can do to keep customers returning to you – and your website – when looking for a new property. 

Easy Setup

You can create your first search in just a couple of minutes. Then, adding your search to a site is just a few clicks away.


Allow visitors to search the vast database from your MLS. This is a great tool to increase engagement and get contacted by interested leads.

Lead Capture

Provide a pop-up that will allow potential customers to contact you for more information.

Text Me

Every property page provides your users a way to text them the property information. This provides another opportunity for lead capture.


All listing pages have your contact information right at the top. When a customer is interested in a property, they’re going to pick up the phone and call you directly!

IDX Advanced Key Features

More Search Options

Upgrade to the Advanced Search to provide your customers with even more search options. Most MLS feeds provide over 100 possible search fields and the advanced search gives you access to almost all of them.

Advanced Lead Capture

You can customize the lead capture pop-up in many ways. Set how many properties they can view before seeing it, whether they’re allowed to keep searching, and on what pages you want it to show


Search pages, results pages, and details pages are all highly customization. The best part, we do it all for you!

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An IDX search that works for you.

Let our expert team help guide you through setting up your IDX search page. Whether you go with our basic option, IDX Access, or our more advanced search – we’ll get you setup to provide your potential customers with more options.

Check out our online demo pages for IDX Access and Advanced IDX Searches…

IDX Access Demo Site IDX Advanced Demo Site