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Leads Discovery & Management

Get all the tools you need to exceed your customers’ expectations and earn their business. With hundreds of helpful tools and resources, we’ll help you get the insight and follow-through you need to close deals faster.

No more platform hopping.

Take out the guesswork and the shuffling from platforms. With AgentMarketing and Zapier integration, you can link new leads to all the popular networks including Google, Constant Contact, Mailchimp, Hubspot, Salesforce and much, much more.

Key Features


Manage and extend your leads by connecting to popular networks such as Google, Facebook Business, Mailchimp and much more!

Task Plans

Stay organized by creating series of tasks to follow up with new leads or set up reminders for yourself.

Notification Control

Take control over how, when and what happens to every new lead. Select from automation options or follow up manually through the Leads Manager.

Landing Pages

Create quick and easy to use landing pages designed around your promotion or service offers.


Keep track of how many visitors are viewing your websites and review all your leads from one central hub.

Email Campaigns

Create as many email campaigns as you need. We offer monthly or periodic newsletters that can be customized.

Find more leads in less time.

Get everything you need to organize, track, and grow relationships into transactions. We’ll help you work smarter, not harder. Let us handle the automation and task-flow so you focus on what really matters – your customers.

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