Solutions for Loan Officers

Expand your passive marketing.

Be part of your agents' websites and get the full benefits of being a co-marketer. Increase the value of their service while you build more relationships and grow your network.

How co-marketing can help you:


Grow and extend your outreach by being a part of your agents’ websites, flyers, and other marketing materials. Let us provide them with invaluable resources while you enjoy the benefits of co-marketing.


Increase your referral network and build trust with potential clients. With the power of co-marketing, you can become a search result powerhouse. Plus, you can also build websites for your own services.


When customers inquire about loans from your agent’s website, the inquiry will go to you as well. This dual service adds value for your agents and also helps you expand your referral network.


Integrate your team’s leads with other apps you already use. From task managers like Hubspot and Lionsdesk to Mailchimp and beyond! Your agents will be able to send their leads where they need to go.

How We’re RESPA Compliant…

  • You can force your agents to read and agree to your Companies Marketing Agreement (fully editable) which spells out the terms of membership.
  • You can charge the agents for use by membership or per property. Invoices available on all agent accounts.
  • We can take charge for you and charge the agents directly on our Loan Officer Split Plan. This lowers your cost and provides the agents with the needed tools.
  • You can tell us to turn off any feature(s) you or your compliance department doesn’t want your agents (or yourself) to access.
  • We generate reports that help you stay compliant – Your membership cost VS Agents marketing collateral costs – highlighted in yellow and red for quick viewing.
  • We can limit your membership to a certain number of agent memberships under you, so you can divide up the costs per agent to a fixed price.
  • We can customize just about anything your compliance department feels you need to stay compliant – Just ask!

Build long lasting relationships in 3 easy steps.

Step 1

Pick the rising agents you want to work with.

Join with your team or claim agents in your local area. You’ll be able to browse the list of new properties that just hit the market that day. Find one that you like and claim the agent. This allows you to offer the agent access to our platform in return for passive marketing on their site.

Step 2

Get notified and start building connections.

Post announcements and sponsor messages to your agent’s dashboards. We’ll notify you about new listing or leads so you have a great reason to reach out. We also offer many MLS options to help you and your agent stay compliant with the board.

Step 3

Leave the rest to us, your agents will love our tools!

We’ll keep an eye out for new listings from your agents via their MLS. When we find one, we’ll pull it into our system automatically. This helps them create a property website right away and it comes equipped with your company information and banner in the footer.

From there, your agents can enjoy all our other platform benefits such as virtual tours, YouTube videos, flyers, text codes and so much more!

Sponsoring is a great way to let your marketing run on auto-pilot while building reputation and trust.

Time-saving tools everyone can enjoy.

Give your agents the lead generation and management tools they need for success. It’s an easy win-win solution for everyone. Plus, we offer different sponsorship plans to get you started fast, with room to upgrade and grow as you network.

Automated outreach that’s personal.

If there are new leads from potential buyers, we’ll be sure to let you know. You can personalize the follow-up and set up reminders to help you stay organized over your team and your leads.

Track progress and share announcements.

From your account, you’ll be able to review and track the progress of your agents and even help them set up their marketing or websites. Connect with your agents directly through the dashboard by messaging or posting new announcements.

Sell more, work less.

Play it smart. Spend more time with interested leads and less time chasing. Manage your workflow and take the extra time to explore new opportunities. Our sponsorship plans also include personal websites and landing pages so you can try new things for your own business while your agents work on theirs.

Enjoy the passive marketing.

Once you’ve got your agents picked out, let us do the rest. We’ll offer them all the tools they need to successfully market their listing while you enjoy the benefits of being a sponsor. It’ll really help you boost your visibility, search, and trust with clients.

" I want to thank you for this amazing company for their continued support, ease of use and access, and flexibility. I would not be as happy and successful without this system.