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What's Your Word?

New Year’s Resolutions are a great idea to make positive life changes in the year ahead, but we all know that the failure rate is pretty high. We set these intentions with all of the energy and motivation that comes with a new beginning, and by March most of us have forgotten what our resolutions even were. 

A tradition that I have come to enjoy as an alternative to making a new year’s resolution is choosing a word for the year. Choose a word that embodies the spirit of the positive changes you want to make this year; this gives you the opportunity to make small choices that move you in that direction instead of the daunting “all or nothing” feeling that often comes with resolutions. So where do you start in choosing your word? There are more than a million words in the English language, so let’s narrow it down. 

1.    Don’t limit yourself: One of the key factors in choosing your word for 2020 is not to limit yourself. For instance, words like “exercise” and “frugal” apply to a specific area of your life and they border on being resolutions. If your goal is to make healthier choices, then consider words like “energy” or “strength” and focus on doing things that give you energy and make you feel strong. These words also aren’t limited to physical health; you can apply them to spiritual energy or financial health and really explore all of the ways that pursuing your word can benefit you. Try diffusing an energizing essential oil in your home to life your spirits, or buy a gift for someone else instead of spending money on yourself to flex your financially responsible muscles. 

2.    Keep It Top of Mind: Once you choose your word, find a way to incorporate it into your daily life so that you have constant reminders of what you’re working toward. Write it on your bathroom mirror, put it in a frame on your desk at work, or wear a washer bracelet with your word engraved on it. Don’t be afraid to tell other people your word so that they can help to keep you accountable. I would love to support you and champion your word for 2020! 

3.    Have Fun!: Most importantly, have fun with your word. New Year’s resolutions can feel like a chore, but your word should be something that will continually inspire you and give you many different ways that you can use it. Take a wholistic approach to living out your word and push yourself to find ways to apply it in all areas of your life – your physical and mental health, your relationships, your work, your home – there are not limits! And of course, if your word leads you to explore buying or selling a home this year you know who to talk to. Happy New Year, and cheers to a great 2020!