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The Answer is YES - You Should Sell in the Winter!

The Kansas City real estate market tends to slow down a little in the winter,  but there are still plenty of reasons to sell your house this time of year — and more than one way I can help you. As we start out 2020, the Kansas City real estate market trends indicate that properties will be profitable. That means that your home has the opportunity to make you money. As we closed out 2019, Kansas City homes were spending less time on the market and bringing in more money than the previous year. 

Selling in the winter has its benefits. Fewer houses on the market mean more eyes on your property and less competition overall. January and February also come on the heels of end-of-year payouts and holiday bonuses which bring serious buyers with more capital to the table. Winter is also a great time to showcase your home because, as a realtor, I can show prospective homeowners just how ready your home is to tackle the toughest time of year. 

Statistics are also on your side when you’re selling in January and February. The beginning of the year statistically brings more job relocations than any other time of year.

There are a few simple ways to spruce up your listing in the winter as well, starting with pictures. Great pictures can really sell a home even before I bring people through. Make sure that your house is clean and orderly in all of the images. Take the indoor pictures in the middle of the day when nice, bright and natural light comes in through the windows to illuminate the space. Photograph the outside of your house early or later in the day when it is well illuminated by the sun. Snow acts as a natural reflector, so make sure that you check just how bright your picture looks so you avoid an image that is blown out.

Speaking of the outside of your home, make sure to keep things nice and tidy — even if everything is covered in snow. Keep the walks shoveled and if possible, add some seasonally appropriate decor — like a wreath — to the front door. Curb appeal is real, and it’s a major selling point that I can use to your benefit

If you’re looking to buy now, you are also in luck. Because Kansas City is growing, it can be hard fighting the competition in the warmer months. Even though fewer houses may be listed this time of year, the buying experience tends to be less hectic due to fewer competing offers. 

Whether you’re looking to find a dream home or sell your current house, I can help you navigate all of the tricky ins-and-outs that come with buying and selling homes. Trusting the process to a Kansas City real estate expert is a good way to ensure that you’re being taken care of.