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5 Tips for an Affordable Furniture Refresh

Do you have rooms in your home that could use a little facelift? Is some of your furniture a little out of date or style? Maybe you just need to swap out your textiles for a fresher color. If you’re wondering how to do all of this without breaking the bank, keep reading. I have the low-down on all the ways to save on everything from mattresses to bath mats this spring in Kansas City. 

Monitor the Spring Furniture Sales
Big furniture labels generally roll out new styles starting in February and continuing throughout the spring. Shop this spring to either snag the new styles right when they come out OR take advantage of bargains as the stores try to push out old inventory to make room for the new! If you can hold off until Memorial Day for major purchases like mattresses and sofas, that will be likely be your best weekend to land a deal!

Know the Shopping Hacks
Price match, price match, price match!
Even if your store doesn’t advertise a price match policy, it’s always smart to ask for one if you see your purchase advertised lower, somewhere else. If you’re shopping for home goods at Target, they’ll often (but not always) honor discounts even if you purchased the product before it went on sale. Just take your receipt back and ask nicely. And, if you’re looking for essentials like solid color curtains, bedding, or small furniture, search Wayfair.com for their Wayfair Basics line. Most of the products are highly reviewed and significantly cheaper than name brands!

Take Advantage of Estate Sales and Auctions
If time is on your hands, consider adding pieces to your collection one at a time.
Spring is primetime for estate sales and auctions. Search EstateSales.net to find auctions and sales near you. You can even look at larger inventory ahead of time and strategize your purchases. Remember, multi-day estate sales usually follow a pattern where furniture is discounted on the second and third days, and beyond. You may be able to walk away with basement-bargain prices, but don’t wait too long or someone may snag it ahead of you.

Alter What You Already Have
Sometimes, a good DIY project is more economical than starting over.
If you’re not a craftsman, consider hiring out a refinish of your table or a re-upholstering an armchair. Commissioning a local artisan may turn out less expensive than purchasing brand new. 

Sell Your Stuff To Get The Most Bang for Your Buck
Don’t forget to buffer the cost of your new furniture by selling your own!
Facebook Marketplace is rising as the preferred online marketplace over Craigslist in many ways. Or, consider hosting your own yard sale as the weather warms up! If you do sell online, just remember to take extra precautions when allowing someone else in your home. If your items are small enough, meet them in a public place or at least in your driveway. If they have to enter your home, make sure it’s in the middle of the day and you’re not alone!