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Let’s Talk Curb Appeal

Springtime has finally arrived! If you’re ready to dig in the dirt or get some paint rollers out, we have a list of things you can do today to spruce up your home. After all, if you ever do consider putting your house on the market, outside appearances matter! 

Basic Maintenance 

Winter can take a toll on your home, so take some time to inventory the outside when the sun finally starts to shine. Check siding, paint, the lawn, fences, and any outdoor furniture that you have. If your front door, fence, or siding has started to chip or fade, consider a coat of paint. If your porch furniture is looking weathered, replace the cushions and wash off the rust. Paying attention to the little details can make a big difference overall. 

The Details

Add a doormat, a flower pot, or a wreath to your front entryway to make it feel warm and inviting. These little details can be completely customized so that friends (or buyers) can get a taste of your personality before they even step inside your home. If you want to hop on top of this spring’s hottest trend, try layering your doormats. Take a large, patterned doormat and place it on the bottom. Then take a smaller coordinating doormat and place it on top. Often, the larger, patterned doormats will be made of a thinner, smoother material than the smaller, traditional doormats. 

Yard Work

A well-maintained yard can turn your home into a show stopper. Even if your green thumb is a little brown, make sure that your lawn is mowed and edged, and that there are a few basic trees or bushes in the yard. Pull any weeds, make sure to fertilize your lawn, and remove any shrubs that died during the winter. Whether you maintain the property yourself or you hire outside help, a little time and effort go a long way in the yard.  

If you have a green thumb, try planting a flower bed or garden. Planting season starts around mid-April or early May, so check with a local greenhouse to find out what you need to do to get your yard prepped for planting this summer.



If you have an older home, making one or two outside moves toward modernization may bring more buyers to your yard. Maybe replacing a dated garage door or re-paving the driveway is a task that you can tackle this spring. Other updates could include replacing an old deck with Trex, putting in a new fence, adding a little landscaping to a bare yard, or even replacing an old mailbox.

Consider elements of your home that you’d like to improve and tackle them one at a time. You don’t need to revamp your entire house at once, but taking it one project at a time can easily amp up appeal.