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Creating a Happy Home During Social Distancing

We're all spending an awful lot of time at home these days, and it's easy to get bored or even apathetic with such little change in scenery.  So, how can you create a happy, healthy home environment during social distancing? Here are some ideas to get you started. 

Raid Your Pantry - Take inventory of what you have and organize everything in order of shelf life or expiration date. You can visit Supercook.com or FridgetoTable.com to find recipes based on ingredients from your stockpile. Less waste and more space for fresh groceries when you can nab them! And when you do go back to the grocery store, aim for healthy options. It's not easy to fight the craving for junk food that you can snack on from the couch where you will likely be spending hours on end, but all of those chemicals and empty calories will just make you feel worse. Try cotton candy grapes instead of skittles, or plantain chips and salsa instead of potato chips. 

Take a Vacation from Technology - If you are fortunate to still be working and must use technology for your job, try this on a weekend. Silence your phone, put away the TV remote and turn off the computer. Instead, go for a walk, read a book or meditate. Another great way to spend some technology-free time is practicing gratitude. A lot of what’s happening in the world right now is really tough, but dwelling on that won’t change it. Start a gratitude journal by writing down at least three things every day that you’re thankful for.

Get Connected - Work, school, sports practices, and almost every other normal obligation as we know it is on hold. Make the most of the close proximity with your family and connect on a deeper level. If you have a drawer or a box somewhere in their house full of old family photos that don’t see the light of day, find them! Look through them with your family, and if have an binder or scrapbook lying around you can orgainze them into a photo album together. If you have a scanner at home, you can also use a website like Shutterfly to create beautifully printed photo books. 

Order Takeout - Some of our most beloved local restaurants have shut down for now, and many may never reopen after taking such a financial hit. CurbsideKC.com has a comprehensive list of local bars and restaurants that are still open for carry out or delivery. Every meal you order is one more drop of hope that they can survive, and one more meal checked off of your restaurant bucket list!