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How to Move into Your New Home in the Middle of a Pandemic

If you’re moving this spring and worried about the implications COVID-19 will have, here are some stress-free answers to FAQs about moving in the middle of a pandemic.


Movers Are Considered Essential Businesses

Many moving companies have been able to stay open, while operating under social distancing guidelines. If you’ve already chosen a mover, they should have contacted you by now on new updates to their moving policies. If you’re still needing to schedule a moving company, start with Moving Proz, who are taking every precaution. Several companies are also offering virtual estimates, eliminating the need for an in-person consultation. 

Truck rentals are also considered to be essential, so if you’re looking to do it yourself, you’ll have the option to do so. 


Packing Materials

Compile a list of everything you’ll need to move and make one big store run to minimize the need to run back and forth. Since the virus can live on surfaces for up to 24-hours, it’s best to buy your materials brand new and recycle later. Clean everything as you pack, wiping surfaces down with a sanitizer. If you’re using a moving company, try to have everything packed up 24 hours before your movers arrive. Have boxes clearly labeled with what you’ll need right away, so they’re easy to find and one of the first items that are moved into the new place


Donating What You Don’t Need

Many places have closed their donation centers for household items and clothing, but if you have shelf-stable food items that you don’t want to bring with you, consider donating them to Move For Hunger to help out with the food shortage in your community. For other items you want to donate, hang onto them until those businesses are open again or call ahead to see if they’re open and what their policies may be. 

Although it’s a sacrifice to take extra precautions during this season, one benefit is that you’ll be able to focus on settling into your new home, setting up your rooms and organizing your things. Plus, everything will already be sparkling clean from your move. Stay safe and up to date on the latest information for Kansas City right here.