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How To Revamp Your Backyard Without Trying Too Hard


We can’t express how grateful we are for the beautiful weather and fresh air lately! Who else has been spending a lot more time in their backyard? With the stay-at-home orders, having a backyard is a game changer for making your space feel just a bit bigger.  And now that summer has arrived, we’ll be spending most of our days lounging in the sun. 

The backyard, or any outdoor space, is an easy place to entertain and relax, but it undergoes a special beating in the winter, hardly protected from the elements. So here are some easy and fun ways to spruce up your backyard without much effort, whether you have a full patio and yard or a small balcony. 


Switch Up Your Patio Furniture

Whether it’s giving your current furniture a makeover, switching out a few pieces or buying a whole new set, make sure you pick multiuse pieces. A dining table becomes your desk for Zoom conferences, the next art studio, or book club gatherings. A lounge chair becomes a reading destination or a cozy place to enjoy a meal. A side table holds your drinks or becomes a battleground in Catan.  Choose sturdy bases and strong materials that won’t chip or snap from use or the elements. 


Plants That Enhance Your Space

On your next greenhouse run, look for creeping thyme or creeping sedum. Both are favorites for the lazy landscaper, and need little more than sun and the occasional water. If you want something with a little height look into hostas or if you’re craving something aromatic and useful, plant herbs like peppermint or basil. Popular houseplants like snake plants or fiddle leaf trees do extremely well outdoors in the summer, so bring them out from your living room - they’ll appreciate the fresh air, too!


Creating An Atmosphere with Lighting

Lighting is an easy thing to upgrade no matter how big your space is. For a romantic and festive atmosphere, akin to what’s used in restaurants, look into bistro lighting. These lights can be strung around a patio, in trees, or along porch railings. If you’re wanting something a little more small and whimsical consider adding tiered, fake candles in the corner of your porch or balcony. If you want to bring some extra life to your garden, look into solar-operated lights that stake right into the ground and have fun watching them come to life as twilight arrives.


Textiles That Are Cozy and Durable

Adding an outdoor area rug, curtains on your deck, or even a simple throw over your outdoor couch can bring color and life to your outdoor space. Woven textiles are “in” right now, especially for rugs, and are easily layered under a hanging chair stand or outdoor table set. Light curtains can be hung on your pergola or deck to provide privacy and protection from the unrelenting sun. Turkish towels are so beautiful and warm, they’re easily disguised as throws to curl up in as the evening approaches.