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Creating Visual Interest In Your Home

When you walk into someone’s home, you can immediately see their personality in how they’ve decorated. But, just like we switch up our personal style from time to time, our interior decorating scheme occasionally needs an update. Here are a few tips on how to add fresh visual interest to your home in a way that’s still true to you.


Bringing In Texture

Texture adds a lot of visual interest, and you probably already have a lot of it in your home to work with! Pillows, rugs, and throws are great sources of texture that offer versatile and cozy ways to add some flair to your rooms. Consider different elements like fringe, velvet, furs, and woven pillows and throws. Baskets, trays, and ottomans are examples of practical items you can use for storage and decoration. Consider looking at wicker, rattan, or woven options. It will add a pop of interest without being overwhelming, and you can easily switch it up!


Adding Layers

Take your texture a step further and layer your pieces to create visual interest with depth. Tae a fur throw and layer it on top of your rattan chair. Use a wood tray on your coffee table to hold plants, books, and a candle. Have fun with it -- don’t take yourself too seriously! 

Another great way to add depth with layers is through curtains. Take a curtain with a heavier weight and layer a sheer or decorative curtain on top. This is perfect for the summer months when you’ll want the sunlight to come into your rooms but don’t want to lose the visual drama.


Using Wall Space

Add visual interest to your walls with frames, mirrors, and lighting. Layering is another great tactic to use here! Wallpaper is making a fierce comeback but in a much more chic and easy to apply reincarnation of its ancestors.

Gallery walls are also having a moment.  Designing a gallery wall is a sophisticated way to mix and match frames, and even frame items besides photos and art, like a faux plant or a piece of fabric. Turn it into a creative exercise in how you can re-purpose your decor throughout your home. 


Mixing It Up

Mixing modern and vintage pieces together adds beautiful contract and elevated style to your space. Start with modern basics such as a couch, bed, or dining table. These items often require a bit of investment when purchasing because you want them to be sturdy and to last through many uses, so choose wisely. Consider picking options that are more neutral in color and texture, which will allow you more versatility in the long run. 

Once you have your basics, add in your eclectic pieces. You might find at flea markets, vintage stores, through your family, or browsing the aisles at Target. Whatever speaks to you! Mirrors, vases, decorative statues, accent tables, chairs, and benches come in endless options and are easy to move around the house the next time you want to rearrange without spending more money.