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Creative Storage Solutions for Your Home

No matter the size of your home, there’s always that one room that makes it tough to figure out the best storage solution. Here are some handy ways to crack the code on keeping the most-used rooms in your home organized!


Living Room

This might be one of the tricker rooms to create storage in as it’s often the hub for entertaining and relaxing. These storage options will flow with your space and not become a storage eyesore. 

  • Entertainment Center: a versatile piece of furniture that will store your TV and gaming system with all its accessories, plus create shelving for plants, books, and photos.

  • Two-tier Coffee Table: Maximize your storage with a multi-level coffee table! Store books, games, movies and more in cute baskets underneath. 

  • Benches and Ottomans - These are great storage pieces that double as seating. Keep books, blankets, sweaters or games tucked away but easily accessible. 



Is it even possible for a kitchen to have enough storage space for all of our utensils and gadgets? These tricks will allow you to squeeze just a little more storage out of that space. 

  • Open Shelving: This trend is making a big comeback as more homeowners opt for open shelving to show off their dishes and pans. Stack shelving all the way up your wall to custom fit your dishes, and use hooks on the bottom shelving to hold utensils or pans.

  • Jars and Baskets: The ultimate tool for organization, use jars, baskets or bins in your pantry or cupboards so you can keep track of inventory and simplify your cooking.

  • Use the Side of your Cabinets: There’s a lot of real estate on the sides of your counter or cabinet, so grab a strip of magnet or vertical wire baskets to make the most of the space!



The entrances to your home can take a beating year-round. It quickly becomes cluttered with shoes, jackets, bags and other items carelessly tossed on the floor. These organizational hacks will help you get things off the ground.

  • Create Storage Lockers: Whether it’s using an old bookshelf or building a unit into the wall, creating a home for outdoor gear will elevate a lot of stress on your entryways. Repurpose a thrift-store find or get handy with a DIY!

  • Baskets or Bins: Look for a horizontal console or desk and fill the shelves with baskets to keep things tidy and easily found.

  • Use Shelves: A simple shelf will go a long way. Add hooks underneath for coats, bags and hats, and use baskets up top for sports gear or light shoes. 



As the space you use to tidy up it should naturally be tidy on its own, but that never seems to be the case! Clean up your bathroom with these quick fixes:

  • High and Low Hooks: If you don’t have a lot of closet or counter space, layer hooks to hold towels, hand-towels and washcloths. 

  • Over-The-Door Shelf: As a space that goes unnoticed, install a shelf over the door to hold extra towels or toiletries. Keep a step stool next to the toilet and your items are always within reach!

  • Cluster Items Together: Most of the time, a simple basket or ceramic tray will do wonders in keeping your toiletries or makeup contained.