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How To Create Your Home Wish List 


Buying a house is a big, big job. I can help you find what you’re looking for, but how do you decide what exactly that is? We all have a “house” board on Pinterest, but it can be its own challenge to decide what you’ll seriously consider in a new home. 

Creating A Wish List Is Key
Sitting down and writing out on paper what you’re looking for is the best thing you can do to start your house-hunting journey. Writing it out physically will help you narrow down what really is important, and what will remain on your “dream house” board. 

How To Start
Now that you’ve sat down and made the physical commitment...where do you start? We suggest framing the list as “Required and Desired.” Not only will this create a more feasible approach to your search, but it will give your realtor a chance to find homes that might crossover the two categories and that will really excite you. 

Categories To Consider
Besides noting that you’d love a porch or a finished basement, be sure to think about the bigger picture as well. Where would you like to be located? Do you want the option to walk to bars or coffee shops? How much work are you willing to put into the home? What do you want your new neighborhood to look like? Imagine the atmosphere that you’ll be living in as well as the physical structure of your home.

Here are a few important categories to consider as you organize your wish list:
Move-in ready vs Fixer-upper
Plot type and acreage
Additional Amenities: pool, patio, deck, porch, balcony, fireplace
Desired floor plan
Room types: breakfast nook, finished basement, library/office
Parking options
Storage options: attic, garage, sheds, guest house
Character of the home
Square footage

Finding Your Home
Prioritizing your requirements will set you up for success as we begin to look at homes and narrow down your options. Finding a home that meets everything on your list of requirements is a huge success, and anything present from your “desired” list is a major added bonus. 

Approaching your house hunt armed with this perspective will make your search much more enjoyable and exciting as you start to find homes that bring your lists to life.