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Creating Sanctuary Spaces in Your Home


When winter approaches and the ability to get outside for a change of scenery becomes more limited, it's time to create a space in your home that’s just for you off-the-clock. This can be a place for reading, prayer, morning coffee, or connecting with friends and family, as long as it refreshes your soul. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Take your favorite armchair or daybed, treat yourself to a new lamp, and only use that space for what relaxes you. It doesn’t have to be a huge change to your current layout, but intentionally setting aside a cozy corner of your home could make all the difference.

  • Call your bedroom off-limits for work calls and lunch breaks! The bedroom should be a sacred place for quality sleep and rejuvenation, especially in our digital age. Leave the laptop at the door and give your mind a well-deserved rest.

  • I have good news for you - every home has a built-in sanctuary space already! The shower is an escape for many of us as water is proven to greatly reduce anxiety, depression and stress. In addition to the fun shower DIY also mentioned in this month's newsletter, consider trying cold showers as a way to care for your mind, body and soul.

  • If you enjoy cooking and baking, the kitchen is another great sanctuary space to unwind from the day. Working with our hands and being creative with food in both color and flavor can wipe away stressors from the workday and help your body wind down for the evening. 

The most important thing is that you have fun with your sanctuary space! there are many ways to find that special place just for you each day, even if it’s just for fifteen minutes. Take care of yourself, especially through the winter blues, to stay inspired and avoid burnout.