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Fall Gardening

This year was huge for gardens due to so many more people staying at home looking for a new, delicious hobby. If you have FOMO about not getting your garden in earlier this spring, there’s still a whole season of growing that’s perfect for those late to the game. While summer is the peak gardening season, fall is an extremely favorable time for crops that prefer the cooler and wetter conditions. Plus, insects won’t be so bothersome and the soil is often moist and well-draining this time of year, giving gardeners the perfect conditions for a bountiful crop. 

If you had a small garden over the summer that has run its course, it’s best to replace soil and weed completely before replanting. If your garden-to-be has compacted soil, loosen it up with a rake or tiller to give seedling roots the best chance to implant. 

So what can you grow in Kansas City in the fall? Here’s a brief list of veggies that will taste even better than veggies planted in the spring:
Kale + Spinach

You can find seedlings for these vegetables at the farmer’s market on the weekends so you don’t have to worry about starting your plants from seeds. 

The challenge with fall gardens is helping the seedlings establish in the soil, due to the hot winds at the end of summer that can dry out the soil. It’s best to use a thin layer of mulch around your plants to help retain moisture. You can also sow your seedlings a little deeper than recommended so they have a bit more stability. 

Gardening is a rewarding hobby for both body and spirit. No matter how much you plant in your fall garden, you’ll find that there’s more than one benefit other than growing your own food!