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New Developments for Kansas City


So much has happened this year in Kansas City that wasn't welcome news, so here's the scoop on some positive things coming our way from new homes to new places for entertainment.


New Townhome Development For Lenexa 

Preliminary plans have been made for a new townhome development near the Lenexa City Center. The multi-family residential project consists of 61 units of townhomes in an L-shape building on the corner of Elmridge Road and Penrose Lane. 

Each unit will have an internal private drive, a parking garage for 1-2 cars, and will feature private amenities for residents such as a pool and a cabana. 


Tea Company Opens Brand New Location

Savoy Tea Co., will be opening their first Kansas City brick and mortar store at The District in Lenexa City Center. With storefronts in Alabama and Oklahoma, Savoy carries over 150 speciality and rare sourced teas from all over the world. They’re hoping this is just one of the first locations in Kansas City.


Locally Owned Brand Opens First Location

You’re not a true KC native if you haven’t had Cookies and Creamery - and now you can stop in to enjoy their treats in person at their brand new location at Kansas City's Red Bridge Shopping Center. 

Their menu will range from their famous Creamwiches made with local ice cream, fresh-baked cookies and specialty toppings to their crafted horchata, to a variety of sweets from local brands. They’re planning on creating a colorful retail experience that will be just as fun as their desserts. 


Beloved Kansas City Buffet Reopening Mid-November

Cinzetti’s is the largest Italian buffet in the city, and they’ve announced plans to reopen mid-November after being closed for seven months. They’re offering gift cards to use when you book a reservation so if you like the sound of an all-you-can-eat Italian feast, head to their website to see the details.