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Creating a Soothing, Colorful Home

Ahh, home. At the most basic, functional level, a place designed to shelter us. We mix and match bedrooms, bathrooms, living spaces and storage spaces depending on what we need. And after this year, it’s also become our office, school-room, gym, playground, and restaurant. But our home should be a place that inspires, soothes and energizes us. The easiest way to do that is through color.

Color impacts our moods, feelings, and behaviors. Certain colors have been linked to affecting blood pressure, metabolism, and eyestrain. Used poorly, it can induce stress, but used well, it can boost productivity, decrease stress and make our lives a little more fun. 

Choosing colors for your home is extremely personal. The best way to start your color journey is with a list: what are the colors in your closet, movie or TV shows, at your favorite restaurant, or used in your favorite pieces of art? Head to the hardware store and pick up the color swatches that you’ve written down, and tape them up around your home until they start to speak to you. 

So now that you’ve got your colors down, how do you incorporate them? While I love a boldly colored room, sometimes decorating with accents of color is more effective. Here are my favorite ways to do this:

  • Using paint or wallpaper, transform an accent wall, small room or ceiling. This can make a room seem bigger to invoke calm or give a place like your office an unexpected punch to invoke productivity. 

  • Get hands-on by grabbing a canvas and creating some original art. Sometimes this is the best way to infuse the exact colors you want in your home. Plus, it’s therapeutic and you’ll be proud to hang it in your home. 

  • Pick out textiles, rugs, accents, throws, and lamps that provide complementary colors from floor to ceiling. Use a few neutrals that can be switched in and out of different rooms to freshen things up as the seasons change.

Pinterest is a great spot to source inspiration, but you’re also running the risk of falling into trends that won’t sustain you through the years. Decorating your home is a big investment and you want to make sure it’s something you’ll like as you grow. Here are some great books on home design to rent from the library if you’re looking for more inspiration: